Weird county pronunciations? We got 'em. Driving times? No problem. What about this list of basic facts about Montana? We'll admit to being ignorant to more than a few.

Highest Point in Montana: Granite Peak - Beartooth Mountains, Cooke City - 12,799 ft above sea level. Also considered one of the most difficult peaks to summit in all of the United States.

Montana is the largest landlocked state in the United States.

Bozeman, Montana/KMMS

There are approximately 7 people per square mile in Montana. (Nearly 90 per square mile is the U.S. average).

Montana is the ONLY state without a MODERN naval ship named after it. (Back in WWI, there was a Tennessee-class cruiser named the USS Montana but it was later renamed and reclassified.) However, according to Wikipedia:

Montana will be a Virginia-class submarine, honoring the U.S. State of Montana which is known for the service of its people. Approximately 10% of Montana citizens have served in the Armed Forces.

Secretary of the NavyRay Mabus announced its name on September 3, 2015 at a ceremony hosted in Billings, Montana with U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT).

This will only be the second commissioned warship bearing the name Montana.

There are 56 counties in the State of Montana. (See a full list of Montana counties here).

Livingston, Montana/KMMS

The first Montana counties to be established in 1864:

  • Beaverhead (Dillon)
  • Deer Lodge (Anaconda)
  • Gallatin (Bozeman)
  • Jefferson (Boulder)
  • Lewis And Clark (Helena)
  • Madison (Virginia City)
  • Missoula (Missoula)

Virginia City was home to the first public school in Montana. The school was established in March, 1866.

Loma, Montana: Apparently holds the world record for the greatest temperature change in 24 hours. On January 14-15, 1972, the temperature went from from -54°F to 49°F.........a change of 103 degrees.

Montana back road/KMMS