What do you think was the best album cover ever created? Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon?, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Whatta ya got?

I absolutely adore my record collection for two reasons, 1.) I love the sound of vinyl, and 2.) I love the record jacket. Album covers had to look awesome during the days of vinyl, they were huge and in-your-face, practically selling the record inside in itself. Usually though, a classic album cover contains a classic album.

I've got a lot of classic album covers/albums. I've got The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers (with an actual zipper on the jeans, gotta love that), Joe Jackson's Look Sharp! (those are some slick white shoes), The Cars' Candy-O (an absolute classic), and Santana's Amigos (just one of his many amazing, trippy covers). Those are just a few notables. Who, in your opinion, had the best album cover of all time?