Once the digital world takes over completely, it's my prediction that the only hard copy forms of music you will be purchasing from the store will be vinyl records. I can already see the music sections becoming kiosks to plug your mp3 players into and download songs you decide to purchase. I've gotten myself ready with a brand new record player and a map of all the places you can buy records in Bozeman. Why buy records you ask? My first reason is so that I can pass down actual music to my kids with a sort of bond tied to it (somethign you can get with digital music). And my second reason is because most new vinyl records offer a digital download for the album so it's ready to load on your mp3 players as well.

  • Hastings

    Hastings has a pretty good selection of new records. The selection crosses genres and decades; it has everything from Bob Marley to Bon Iver and Lady Gaga to Mumford and Sons. This is my go to place for new release albums. If they don't' have it, most likely they can order it for you.

  • Cactus Records & Gifts

    There is a healthy selection of new records but their used vinyl section is where it's at. The knowledgeable staff and customers are a great resource for discovering something new. Stop in and browse, you're bound to leave with a few gems ready for the needle. If they don't have what you're looking for, they will gladly order it for you.

  • Sacks Thrift Store in Bozeman

    Sacks a typical selection of second hand records that can be nabbed for a pretty cheap price of under $7. The selection isn't too large (maybe 100 records) but because it's a thrift store it's always adding more.

  • Vargo's City Jazz and Book's

    While your in the downtown area at Cactus Records or Sacks, might as well cross the street and visit Vargo's City Jazz and Books. I was amazed by the selection of records new and used at this book store. I'm talking boxes of them. Just head to the back and up the stairs. A hefty amount of the records cover the jazz greats if that's what you're looking for.

  • Nu2U Thrift Store

    They have a selection but it's very limited. There were some good ones though. I found a couple Elvis records, an Aerosmith record, and a best of Frank Sinatra record. There were also a few classical music records. Don't worry I left them all there for you to buy. You're welcome.

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