Alright, it's that time of year. The end of the year when we need to recap with "best of" lists. These get on my nerves very quickly but we need to recap the year's best music, no? Music needs to be talked about and shared. So it was hard for me to narrow the list down to 5 but here you go. These are my top 5 (not listed by order of quality, because that would really be too much for me, so I've listed them in order of release).

1.) The John Butler Trio - April Uprising (released on April 6th)

Australia has been pumping out some quality music as of late and at the top of that list for me is Australia's The John Butler Trio. I've always liked them and their latest album is definitely their best work yet, I now love them. They've added a couple new members, which make their debut on this album and they sound more alt-rock than ever before. Their sound is more electric and powerful on this one. The Moose is currently playing yet another song from this album, "I'd Do Anything".

2.) The Black Keys - Brothers (released on May 18th)

What can I say about The Black Keys? They never disappoint, I love every album. They've got a unique sound I haven't found anywhere else. Who else does psychedelic, gritty, dirty blues? Whether I'm feeling tough or sad, they do it for me.

3.) Aloe Blacc - Good Things (released September 28th)

This is some modern authentic soul. The title is perfect, you'll find nothing but positivity here delivered with a smooth, unique flavor. Aloe Blacc's voice combined with the horn section and backing vocals (Temptations style) is a two thumbs up for me!

4.) Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown (released October 19th)

These guys have really found a special sound in the last few years. All the fanfare and fame is quite deserving. I have to admit that I didn't think they could top 2008's Only By The Night (which went platinum in 12 different countries) but I think they've done it. I absolutely love this album.

5.) Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (released November 22nd)

I don't like the state of hip hop today which is why I don't buy many new hip hop releases but there are still those artists that are doing it right (The Roots, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye, for ex.) I didn't like Kanye's last album, 808s & Heartbreak (a little too Auto-Tune crazy for me), but thankfully the old Kanye is back and better than ever on this one. This album is for any true fan of hip hop. He's always been an amazing beat maker and he blends his beats with some hip hop roots. I love the cameos (Rza, Raekwon and Jay-Z especially).

Well there it is, my top 5 of 2010. Scroll down and add yours by entering a comment. I'd love to read and share them on the air!