Cheeseburgers and summertime go together perfectly. There's nothing better than hanging out with your friends in your backyard while enjoying a few beers and grilling up some burgers.

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Montana is known for having some of the most high-quality beef in the country, which makes the state one of the best if you're craving a delicious cheeseburger. If you're not a fan of cheese, no worries, you can get your burger without it.

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For some reason, cheeseburgers don't get the attention they deserve in Big Sky Country, and it's a shame. Montana is full of awesome locally-owned burger joints, and a few of them, like Mark's In & Out in Livingston, are truly iconic.

The experts at Love Food recently released a list of the best cheeseburger in every state.

With just three major components – a beef patty, burger bun, and cheese slice – cheeseburgers are pretty simple. But there are many ways that restaurants can pep things up, from using pepper jack or Swiss cheese to opting for a mouthwatering brioche or potato roll. Here we take a look at the cheesiest, most flavorful creations in America. Read on to find the best cheeseburger in every state.

Cheeseburgers may be simple, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve recognition. So, what restaurant did the experts pick for the best cheeseburger in Montana?

Backcountry Burger Bar

Best Cheeseburger in Montana

Backcountry Burger Bar in downtown Bozeman was just named the best place to get a cheeseburger in Montana. Personally, I'm a huge fan, and would highly recommend an order of curry fries to go along with your cheeseburger. For once, I actually agree with the so-called "experts."

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