We here at The MOOSE want you to get some. Love, that is. So we've compiled a good list of ideas for your first date. The Bozeman area is a naturally romantic place with all the natural beauty, but sometimes "a hike" just isn't enough to spark fun and conversation. Check out our best ideas:

Rippin up Hebgen Lake
Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

1) SPEND THE DAY ON HEGBEN LAKE - If you really want to impress someone, rent a boat and do some tubing. This kind of first date might be best done as a group, with someone who's comfortable driving a boat. First dates can go bad quickly if you're stuck in the middle of the lake. There are cabins you can rent down there and a few camping areas too if you'd like to make it an overnight. Don't forget bug spray. You'll be a hero if you bust that our when the mosquitoes start eating people alive.

2) THE BOGERT FARMER'S MARKET - This is only a seasonal option in the summer but it's a great place to go. You can meet there or go together. You can play on the swings or go shopping under the pavillion. You can eat meat kabobs or get veggie tofu things. There are lots of people so it's a fun atmosphere that doesn't require a ton of conversation if you're the shy type. Plus, it's free to go there...you'd only spend money on vendor purchases. So buy her some flowers, dummie.

3) CROSS COUNTRY SKIING OR HIKING ON THE TRAIL BY THE HOSPITAL - Skiing Sourdough Trail is healthy, outdoors AND free. And if someone gets hurt, it's a good commute. (Again, more hero points potential.)


Big Timber Golf Course

4) GOLFING - Even though it's not the easiest sport/game in the world, there are a TON of things to love about golf. You're outside, playing a game, dressed reasonably well, surrounded by manicured lawns and ponds and it's OK to drink beer. Even those folks who don't really drink, should consider drinking A LITTLE on a first date. Lighten up A LITTLE. The Bozeman area has great courses that won't cost you an arm and a leg, or get adventurous and hop over to Livingston or Big Timber for their cute 9 hole courses.

5) BOWLING - C'mon. Who doesn't like to bowl? What's great about bowling is that every town has a bowling alley, it's fun even if you're terrible and as with the golf...you can have a beer or two without much fear of getting out of hand. Everybody looks silly in bowling shoes so you automatically start with something to laugh about. Friendly competition, easy conversation and a fun game = a very decent first date. If things go well, buy them a real dinner. If not, it's easy to bring the date to a close.

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