Radio people are a different breed. If it's not music, tech or booze...we're probably not that interested. However, this morning I got an AWESOME gift from Aerial7 Headphones! Gotta see 'em:

These puppies are rad for several reasons. Here's how they describe them:

AERIAL7 is pleased to unveil the fusion of two fashion savvy brands with the new Hello Kitty x AERIAL7 headphone featuring Miss Kitty herself on the ear cups. A red and black headphone in the popular TANK body, the Hello Kitty x AERIAL7 headphone has soft black and white Hello Kitty printed ear cushions and "HELLO KITTY" written across the headband. It's a fashionista's must-have and a listening experience that is sure to impress.

THANK you to Aerial7. These will be well loved indeed here at 95-1 The MOOSE! - Michelle