The state of Montana has a huge problem on its hands, and according to new data, it keeps getting worse. What can be done to solve this major issue that is putting the lives of Montanans in danger every day?

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Montana is a massive state full of remote highways and sprawling wide open spaces, but highways in the state can be deadly. Harsh winter weather can create hazardous driving conditions, and running into wildlife is another issue that Montanans face. Accidents are one of the top five leading causes of death in Montana according to the CDC.

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Yes. Wildlife and weather in Montana can be extremely dangerous and even deadly, but there's one growing problem in the state that needs to be addressed immediately. I'm talking about drinking and driving.

The Montana Department of Transportation released data on drunk driving deaths so far in 2023, and compared to last year, more people have died as a result of impaired driving. Montana is one of the leading states for drunk drivers. The sad thing is, it's completely preventable.

There were 207 fatalities in 2022. There have been 82 fatalities on Montana highways in 2023 compared to 75 fatalities for this same time in 2022.

That is an absolutely eye-opening statistic. That equals an average of around 13 people per month.

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not against drinking. I used to drink quite a bit in my younger days, and I've definitely made some terrible decisions. Nobody is perfect, but there's never an excuse to get behind the wheel and put the lives of others in danger. If you have too much to drink, either find a sober ride home or sleep it off. Don't be a statistic.

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