The only surprise from this video is that the furniture wasn't destroyed inside the house.

Dealing with wildlife is a daily occurrence in Montana. Sometimes it's deer or elk crossing the road, birds burrowing in your trees, or other animals digging holes in your yard. Experiencing wildlife is a way of life here in Montana.

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Occasionally wildlife can get into places we don't expect, and this video perfectly shows that.

TikTok user Hayden Kittler, who lives in Montana, is a bison rancher and had quite an incident when one of his bison got into his house. Check out the video below.

@haydenkittler Boom Boom broke into the house.... again. Follow for more #ranch #buffalo #bison #bisonranch #western #petsoftiktok #exoticpets #petlover #scary #farmlife #rancher #ranching #relatable #montana #wyoming #yellowstone #babyanimals #goviral #buffalobills #america #american ♬ original sound - Hayden Kittler

Credit: Hayden Kittler via TikTok

The adorably named bison Boom Boom let himself into Hayden's house and had to be gently coerced outside. Hayden took several precautions before getting the large animal outside his home. That was incredibly smart and probably saved his furniture and belongings from possibly being destroyed.

The video alone has been watched over four million times and has been liked over 600,000 times.

My favorite part of the video is how gentle and cautious Hayden is with this massive animal. Hayden doesn't use fast movements and respects the animal's surroundings. He's lucky to get Boom Boom out of the house with ease.

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash

Luckily this was a bison on a ranch and not in the wild. Bison in the wild are more unpredictable and can turn a situation deadly quickly. We have already seen multiple folks in Yellowstone National Park try to pet bison daily.

The rule is to stay at least 25 yards away from bison in the wild.

Hopefully, we see more updates on Boom Boom and see his adventures. For more details, check out Hayden Kittler on TikTok.

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