This last Sunday night, the 20th of November, I headed out to The Filling Station on North Rouse to attend the latest and greatest show put on by Compound Productions. Walked in around 9:15 to the Dikes of Holland finishing up their set, and saddled up to the bar for a beer while The Sheep Dogs queued up for some Canadian style classic rock and roll. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, The Sheep Dogs, consisting of Ewan Currie on vocals and guitar, Leot Hanson on guitar, Ryan Gullen on bass and Sam Corbett on drums came on in full glory with tight pants, flannel and enough facial hair to make “The Dude” look clean cut. With a very eclectic feel to their rock-n-riffs the Sheep Dogs brought the warm feel of The Who or The Rolling Stones together with a unique folk twist to fill the small room with sound waves.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears rolled on stage around 11 with his full entourage of brass and strings to a packed house. With seven band members on stage the little filling station venue was packed to capacity. Starting up strong with a blast of soulful funk rock, the crowd was immediately dipping and jiving to the zany soul funk. With a vibe that gave you the feeling of being in a 50’s dance hall, Black Joe belted out somewhat indistinguishable but energy filled lines of lyric.

Another great night at the filler; next time you had all better be there!