Unsurprisingly, the verbal assaults started immediately after the decision was made that the Bozeman School District will require masks. Lawsuits are already in the works. To be clear, this writing is not about the politics of the decision but rather the harshness of the ensuing online trash talking. 

These are simply the words of people in our community on local social media. I copied and pasted various responses, making zero alterations whatsoever. (BTW - here's where you can read more about legal avenues already being pursued.)

Needless to say, some people are pretty pissed off.

  • "And this will be the reason why more parents will not be enrolling their children this year."
  • "I have had Covid and been vaccinated for Covid. Nobody should be able to make me wear a mask. Science dude, feelings don't matter snowflake."
  • "Child abuse."
  • "What’s next.. CRT? Teaching kids to hate? Oh, Wait…. They are already doing that.. How far can they lead the sheep."
  • "State and local mask mandates are unenforceable but if you don't wear one, you will be shamed."
  • "Make sure you don't wear a seatbelt. I'd hate to see you mitigate your risk for injury."
  • "How bout a call to go f*** yourself"
  • "Evil, commie, DICTATORS! SHEEP thinking this is ok. Makes me sick. Did you sheep see Nancy piglosis party? Not one mask in sight. How about obummers party? Not one mask in sight. WAKE UP!!!!"
  • "If you didn’t live in fear you wouldn’t wear a mask that doesn’t work."
  • "I will not be putting one on my child! She has never worn one and she never will."
  • "The sheep will follow as their master commands"
  • "The students who won’t wear a mask are the ones who need to get an education the most."
  • "Sending mine without 'em, already threw them all away not buying more."
  • "How is that all of us disagree about masks, yet we are forced to listen to 7 people saying our children have to wear them? 7 simple votes is all it takes to dictate my child’s well being?"
  • "Honestly the only way is to defy it and parents stand at the doors and let them know it’s no ok."
  • "More than anything, Xi and Putin like to see the US divided and fighting amongst ourselves. Good job Comrade"
  • "The board of trustees needs to be sued for crimes against humanity"
  • "The racism, nationalism, and just plain ignorance on this thread is really repulsive."
  • "Yeah well my kids are allowed to breathe fresh air."
  • "Thank these moronic, commie school boards for the enrollment increases in homeschooling and private schools."
  • "At risk? Stay home, stay away from other people. Don't make other give up their freedoms."
  • "So your solution is old/risk people should just stay home forever and young ppl should get to do whatever they want and just avoid coming into contact with any old or at risk ppl when they come home etc. Cool idea."
  • "If you are at risk, do what you need to do. You don't take other people's rights away because other people are at risk."
  • "This is America, it is always about rights. We have a constitution."
  • "It sounds like nazi regime over there...."
  • "Public property meaning they have the option to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. You can’t force your students to wear a mask . It’s not your property it’s the public’s property"
  • "All you hear about are masks and social distancing. None of these puppets talk about the importance of healthy lifestyles. 96% of covid deaths are Vitamin D and Zinc deficient. You don't hear about that on CNN because it goes against their agenda. Fall in line sheep."
  • "Oh good. More fear mongering. Why don’t you try keeping a death ticker for deaths by car crashes or bear attacks and make sure no one drives or hikes too."

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