Potholes are part of Bozeman life. Lots of snow and wide temperature swings don't help. We CAN help the City keep up with repairs by reporting potholes when they appear.

The City of Bozeman has over 200 miles of paved streets, which makes for lots of pothole opportunities! They really do want us to report potholes so they can be repaired quickly and efficiently.

You can call the Pothole Hotline or you can report a pothole later, online!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Main St./Huffine Ln, N. 19th, N. 7th and N. Rouse are State Highways and maintained by the State of Montana. To report a pothole, or issue in general, on those streets please call them at 406-556-4700.

Photo - Michelle Wolfe
Photo - Michelle Wolfe

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