Long story short, it doesn't matter what you think about the recently reduced posted speed limit on I-90 in the Bozeman area. It was going to happen no matter what due to a Montana state law. The I-90 speed limit was lowered from 75 to 65 on a several mile stretch through Bozeman.

You know the old saying about opinions? Well, everyone seems to have one about this speed limit reduction on I-90. Some are for it, some are against it. Some opinions include completely inaccurate pieces of information. But it wouldn't be Bozeman without that kind of thing.

The fact is, the state of Montana requires urban areas of 50,000 people or more to reduce speed limits on I-90 to 65 mph. I-90 runs right through Bozeman as it exits the canyon from Bozeman Pass. And guess what? Bozeman's population is now over 50,000 so that Montana law includes us - like it or not.

The speed limit reduction is for a ten mile stretch on I-90 from mile markers 303.6 to 313.7. (You'd think the state law required folks to get out of their cars and walk, judging from so many negative comments on social media.)

Local law enforcement has been asking FOR YEARS for a lower I-90 speed limit between the base of the pass, Bozeman itself, and several miles towards Belgrade. Nobody knows how dangerous places like the Bear Canyon area can be better than EMTs in the winter time who respond to all the crashes.

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Bozeman Fire - Facebook
  • "It's going to cause more wrecks. I promise you. Traffic gets congested during rush hours and that's the main cause of wrecks. I used to drive a wrecker."
  • "That’s the speed limit in Oregon and I hate it. It’s 55 on the freeway in some spots. Hope that doesn’t happen here."
  • "They should lower the speed limit to 15 mph, 24/7. Just an extension of the ridiculous school speed zone limit changes."
  • "Yeah no warning. Just changed it a couple days ago. They're pulling everyone over."
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  • "I had to drive to Belgrade at 70 today. I thought that drive was annoying at 80."
  • "I just have a feeling all the Karen’s in here taking about how the speed limit change is a good idea are the ones that were already doing 5 under the limit in the left lane."
  • "They lowered it to 65mph from Billings to Laurel years ago. This was going happen at some point."
  • "This isn't an adjustment. Everyone is still going to drive whatever speed they want. You can go 65 or 90 and someone is still on your ass. Everyone is always in such a hurry in this place all the damn time. It's ridiculous."

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