I've never seen more displays for foo-foo coffee creamers than I have the last couple of months in Bozeman, Montana. This place is bonkers for its flavored coffee drinks and creamers.

SeriousEats.com even did a full spectrum taste test on most of them if you'd like a professional opinion before you buy your next round.

I think my favorite part of foo-foo creamer users is their inability (often, anyway) to buy their own. It's like the equivalent of bumming a smoke. There's always someone in the office who has spent their hard earned money on a large container of foo-foo creamer, and may have even put their name on it with a Sharpie.,,,

....Then it never fails that it's half gone by the end of day one because everyone else feels free to help themselves. Happens all the time at our joint.

Bozeman loves it's foo-foo creamers