Thankfully Bozeman is a fairly low crime town but activity increases during the summer months and the Bozeman PD has issued recommendations to local business owners.

Here is the complete text of the press release from the Bozeman Police Department:

Hello everyone!

Its summertime and the Bozeman PD would like to provide a few helpful tips regarding personal safety and the security of your business.


Transient activity increases during the warmer months in Bozeman and we commonly receive reports of loitering, public intoxication, theft, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass to property.

I strongly encourage business owners to create/review polices regarding how to deal with persons engaged in crimes like the ones listed. People who are allowed to engage in such behavior without consequences will feel they have the "green light" to do it over and over again.


Because the personal safety of you and your employees is of utmost importance, I recommend you do the following:

Make sure all exits and windows are secure prior to entering your business in the morning. If you notice a door or window has been damaged or forcibly entered, do not go inside to investigate. The person(s) may still be in the business. Distance yourself from the business and call 911 immediately. Request Officers to respond to conduct a search of the premises.


Check all rooms in your business prior to opening and closing. Some transients have been found sleeping in bathrooms/maintenance rooms after employees have arrived at work. If you do find someone trespassing, call the police and request the person(s) be removed from the premises. You will be asked if you want them warned or charged with trespass.


We commonly deal with transients who are intoxicated or who suffer from mental health issues. At times they may engage aggressive or disorderly behavior. An example may be the use of profane, abusive, or threatening language. If you don't feel comfortable asking them to leave your business or their behavior escalates, call the police and request an Officer to respond and they will deal with the person(s) accordingly.


Graffiti is periodically found around town and we appreciate your assistance in the removal of it in a timely manner. If you are a member of the Downtown Business Association, you can contact the DBA and they will take care of the removal. Prior to the removal, I strongly encourage you to make a criminal mischief report to the PD and request an Officer to photograph the graffiti. We have a large database of graffiti pictures and it is a important tool we use to identify and apprehend suspects. We also can provide small packs graffiti removal chemicals that will work on several surfaces. Just give me a call if you want some.


Lastly, my responsibilities as a Community Resource Officer include providing educations for business owners/employees on safety and security. Topics like robbery and burglary prevention are covered as well. Don't hesitate to call me if you would like a safety check of your business or a review of your business safety protocols.


Enjoy your summer!


Charley Gappmayer

Community Resource Officer

Bozeman Police Department

30 N. Rouse



Business safety advice from the Bozeman PD