Don't you wish the Ski Swap wasn't just a once a year thing? Or maybe that you could always find someone who was also driving up to the mountain? I found a Facebook page today, or i guess they found me, for a group that hopes to make a community out of the Gallatin Valley Skiers and Snowboarders. The page is called Bozeman Ski/Snowboard Society.

Their number one goal is to make it easy for fellow skiers and boarders to find each other off the mountain. This seems like a pretty good idea too. I'm already planning on what ski gear I could put up on the page for sale or trade or anything. I probably don't need all four pairs of goggles that I have. You can also plan car pools, talk about ski conditions, or just share photos. They liked us on Facebook this morning so we like them right back. You can do the same at Bozeman Ski/Snowboard Society's Facebook Page. If you don't yet follow The Moose, follow us on our Facebook Page too!

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