I expect very little privacy in my social media world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Want privacy? Get out of radio.

Michelle's Instagram pic got jacked
Michelle's Instagram pic got jacked

With that said, you might want to do a little snooping on YOURSELF. (Ever heard of Websta?) Here's what I mean - this summerI took a picture of a beautiful day lily and then posted it to my personal Instagram account @bozemanmoosegirl. Pretty innocuous, right?

THE NEXT DAY, I was sitting at my desk at work checking out the latest "bozeman" related YouTube videos for anything interesting to like and share. What do I find? MY INSTAGRAM picture of the lily as the first image of some woman's YouTube video.

In addition to jacking my picture, she titled her YouTube video with the EXACT TITLE that I used when I originally posted the Instagram pic. Make sense?

The point is, if you are one of the half dozen people who still believe that you have any privacy in the social media world (of which most services are FREE so who's to complain), be careful. This wasn't some crazy, nude selfie......it was a picture of a flower that I liked....BUT IT ENDED UP ON YOUTUBE, POSTED BY SOMEONE ELSE A DAY LATER.

Think about that......



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