There's no quicker way to waste 20 or 30 minutes than reading the comments on any Facebook question that involves Bozeman area real estate. Bozeman peeps NEVER disappoint with their two cents.

So, the sponsored post was made by a media company called "The American Dream".

The American Dream explores Real Estate and lifestyles across the country through the eyes of the best agents in America.

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I knew immediately it was worth wasting half an hour of my day to read Bozeman being it's authentic self in the comments:

  • "I don't know if you all heard but Montana is full."
  • "No room at the Inn. And talk about bears, the Buffalo are going crazy the 'gore board' is getting full already."
  • "I hear NORTH DAKOTA is nice."
  • "I hear there are 643 bears per person. Since we are now maxed out at 1 billion people, that’s a lot of bears." (This is one of my favorites...)
  • "Yes, bears literally eat faces here"
  • "I loved Bozeman when it was a cowboy college town of about 20,000 people. It’s ruined now."
  • "No one in Bozeman needs help selling their home. They fly off the market as fast as they go on."
  • "if u can afford the property taxes have fun"
  • "Go away." (Certainly quick and to the point...not sure if the respondent meant a new resident or the media company setting up the TV show.)

The Facebook page for American Dream Network is managed by IGNITE NOW MEDIA, LLC which has location in the United States, Canada and India. So, there's that. Their other content is very similar but for different cities around the country. (Norwalk, Nashville, southwest Florida, etc..)

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