Thanks to help from Buffalo Restoration Inc. and City Brew, there's a new  brand of "smokey and bold" coffee in town. The Bozeman Firefighters' union and Local 613 now have their own "Firehouse Blend", and there's a really good reason to buy some!

The special bold blend (available in whole bean or ground) was made by City Brew Coffee for our Bozeman Firefighters. Money from sales of individual bags goes entirely to the local union's benevolence fund, which is used for those affected by house fires (it supplies some basics, such as toothbrushes and clothes). The fund also helps firefighters who are unable to work because of injuries. This charity account is extremely low at the moment, due to the many fires Bozeman has already seen this year (many of which were multi-family units).

You can find the new, local blend right now at Joe's Parkway Market and both Town & Country Foods stores in Bozeman. Your Bozeman Firefighters, along with some staff from Buffalo Restoration, will also be selling the coffee this Tuesday, August 21st at the Bogert Farmers Market! Come on out and help our firefighters raise money to give back to the community. If they raise enough, some money will also go towards buying more coffee so the fundraiser can continue.