Photo by KMMS
Photo by KMMS

Brother Ali, a strong, gifted political voice in Hip Hop, stopped by Cactus Records yesterday before his show at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge for a free in-store performance. Ali, who is signed to the independent label Rhymesayers Entertainment, stressed the importance of supporting endangered independently owned record stores, such as Cactus, before signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

I was amongst the small crowd inside Cactus Records yesterday who was wowed by the few tracks Brother Ali performed, including an acapella of "Us". His lyrics poured from the heart, "I started rhyming just to be somebody. To make people notice me at the party. And not just be the new kid that's albino...make 'em say yeah, I know but have you heard him rhyme though?"

After Ali's quick free performance, he took a few minutes to thank Cactus Records for everything they do. He reminded his gathering of fans that the owners and employees of small, independent record stores don't make much money. They struggle to survive in today's regional economy, dominated by corporations, because of their love for music and community. He also reminded us all to support Cactus Records whenever possible because a corporation like Best Buy, who doesn't know anything about our community or care about our needs, could easily move in.

Cactus Records often has free in-store performances inside the shop that provides Bozeman with music and love. They have gifts and novelties, oddities and hilarities, and plenty of music, new and used from vinyl to CDs. Whenever you're downtown, show them some love in return! Don't forget that Record Store Day is April 20 this year. RSD, celebrated the third Saturday in April, is when independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music, and the dying concept of a local record store.

Come out to support Cactus Records on Saturday, April 20. There will be limited edition Record Store Day releases, free in-store performances, free giveaways and storewide sales! "Like" Cactus on Facebook for live updates.

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