If you're hoping to find affordable housing in Bozeman, good luck.

I came to Bozeman for the first time thirteen years ago to attend MSU. My grandfather had purchased a home on N. 15th for my brother and I to live in while going to school. Back then, Bozeman seemed like a really small town. Housing was very reasonable, and there were plenty of wide open spaces.

I'm not sure what happened between then and when I moved back to Bozeman last summer, but housing is Bozeman has become ridiculous. If you are single, it is nearly impossible to find anything within your price range. With median home prices creeping above $400,000, it seems like it's only going to get worse. What makes things worse is that most people are forced to rent instead of buy, essentially throwing their money away.

According to a recent living wage calculation in Gallatin County, a single person has to make slightly over $37,000 to afford to rent a two-bedroom home. Sadly, the average person can't afford to buy a home in Bozeman anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I love Bozeman and the people in it, but something needs to happen before Bozeman loses what makes it so special...the people that live here.

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