Vacuum regularly: High traffic areas daily, medium to high traffic areas twice weekly, and the entire house at least once a week. Use a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar, and check the bag often. Some thick loop pile carpets may fuzz if a rotating brush is used—in that case, a suction vacuum is recommended.

Cleaning: Even with regular vacuuming, dirt can be driven down deep into the carpet due to foot traffic. Professional cleaning (using the hot water extraction method) is recommended every 12 to 18 months to refresh the carpet’s appearance. Entrances and doorways may show soil faster than other areas, so clean them as soon as they start to look dirty—this will prevent the dirt from spreading, and allow more time between professional cleanings.

Spot Removal: The affected area(s) should be treated immediately. Stains will be more difficult to remove after setting. For the best results, use Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Spot Remover Cleaning Kit. First, scrape the spill gently with the Mohawk Cleaning Key, removing as much as possible. Next, apply the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Spot Remover to the stain, working from the outer edge inward. Blot with a clean Mohawk Microfiber Cloth, taking care not to rub, as the carpet may fuzz. Spray and blot the stain until it is gone, but do not over-saturate the carpet. Use small amounts of the solution and blot frequently.

Preventative Maintenance: Using mats or runners at entrances and uncarpeted areas adjacent to carpet will reduce soil and moisture in traffic areas. Furniture coasters are recommended to evenly distribute the weight of heavy items. To extend the beauty of your carpet, close drapes or blinds during hours of direct sunlight. Be cautious in using strong chemicals near carpeting (bleach, bathroom cleaners, oven cleaner, plant food, drain openers) as they may cause permanent damage.


Ceramic Tile Cleaning Tips

Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Hard Surface Care Kit gives you the tools to preserve the appearance of your tile. Vacuum or sweep the floor with the Dry Mop Cloth to remove any particles that may scratch your tile. Then apply the Hard Surface Cleaner directly to the Microfib

er Wet Mop Cloth. Use a back and forth motion with the mop, and replace the cloth when it becomes soiled to prevent streaking. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when laundering the Microfiber Cloths. The cloths are reusable and can withstand over 1000 washes.

Protection: Use felt pads under chair legs and check for dirt that may scratch your floor; vacuum or sweep regularly; remove spills promptly with a clean Microfiber Cloth and Hard Surface Cleaner; use mats at all exterior entrances; do not use cleaners containing ammonia or acids (acid will damage grout and glazed surface of tile, ammonia will discolor grout); do not use oil soap or wax to clean the floor; use a professional strength Grout Cleaner to remove grease/soap scum/ mildew from grout.

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