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MONDAY: Up to 6″ Snow for Yellowstone National Park Area
The weather is going to be pretty messy in and around Yellowstone National Park on Monday. Several inches of snow is expected to fall, with up to 6" in the highest elevations surrounding the Park. Driving conditions could deteriorate quickly if you're in the area.
UPDATE: 18″ for Southern Montana, First Epic Pow, Brah?
We might have quite a mess on our hands...a Winter Storm Warning (that's the big deal one), is in effect for Gallatin and Madison Counties until Noon on Tuesday. Several inches of snow is expected in the valleys with up to 18" of snow to accumulate in the mountains.
Four Words for Montana Bears: Glitter Bomb Trash Can
My street is losing the trash battle with the bears. But after (several beers) and several weeks of careful "trash-can-cat-and-mouse", we've come up with a potentially effective deterrent idea: Glitter bomb the trash cans and scare the hell out of the bears.

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