Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Chuck Berry

Age: 85

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Known For: Being one of the pioneers of rock and roll with songs like ‘Maybellene,’ ‘Roll Over Beethoven,’ ‘Rock and Roll Music’ and ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ and in the first group of artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Martina Navratilova

Age: 55

Occupation: Retired Professional Tennis Player

Known For: Winning 18 Grand Slam singles titles, a record-setting 31 Grand Slam women’s doubles titles and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles, being the only player to have won 8 different tournaments at least 7 times, and being widely regarded as the greatest women’s player ever

Mike Ditka

Age: 72

Occupation: Retired Professional Football Player and Coach

Known For: Coaching the Chicago Bears for 11 years and the New Orleans Saints for three years, and being one of only two people in history to win Super Bowls as a player, an assistant coach, and a head coach

Zac Efron

Age: 24

Occupation: Actor, Singer, and Dancer

Known For: Roles in the Disney Channel’s ‘High School Musical’ movie franchise, the WB series ‘Summerland,’ and the 2007 film version of the Broadway musical ‘Hairspray’

Bristol Palin

Age: 21

Occupation: Author, Reality Star, and Tabloid Magnet

Known For: Being the daughter of political talking head Sarah Palin, having a baby out of wedlock while still a teenager, advocating for abstinence causes, and being a contestant on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

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