This Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be filled with the best music Bozeman has to offer at The Eagle's Club in downtown. Three separate nights with three separate genres.

Tickets will be available at the door each night. Visit Chamberlin Productions website here...

Winners each night will be given a "Winner's Set" that evening to play again for the prime time crowds.

Thursday, November 12th- DJ / Producer
Friday, November 13th- Hip Hop
Saturday, November 14th- Band / Other


Thursday, November 12th DJ / Producer
6:00-6:20- DJ Skim
6:30-6:50- Mitch Brady
7:00-7:20- PRO
7:30-7:50- Incognito Astronauts
8:00-8:20- Keegan Bowen
BREAK  30 min
8:50-9:10- Kendrexxx
9:20-9:40- DuBuddah
9:50-10:10- Nintendeaux
10:20-10:40- Lecture
10:50-11:10- Chachi (Defending Champ)

Friday, November 13th Hip Hop
Presented by Spark 1


6:00-6:20- TuCash
6:30-6:50- Dakini Rapture
7:00-7:20- Lecture
7:30-7:50- Kdubb
8:00-8:20- Buckshot Kill It
BREAK  30 min
8:50-9:10- Filth & Foul
9:20-9:40- Codependents
9:50-10:10- Space Leopard Records
10:20-10:40- Farch
10:50-11:10- WoodburN
Saturday, November 14th  Band / Other
Presented by Bozeman Magazine
6:00-6:20- Juliessyrup
6:30-6:50- Alter Ego
7:00-7:20- 26z
7:30-7:50- Beauty For Ashes
8:00-8:20- Bearcat 9000
BREAK  30 min
8:50-9:10- Hawthorne Roots
9:20-9:40- The Bent Bones
9:50-10:10- Chairea
10:20-10:40- Echodrive
10:50-11:10- One Leaf Clover
Depictive Photography/ Maria Ols/Chamberlin Productions