chamberlin showcase

Win 3-day Passes to the Chamberlin Showcase
This Thursday, Friday and Saturday night will each be a showcase of the best musicians and DJs that Montana has to offer. We've got 3 day passes to give away this week so you can see them all or whichever genre you want!
2012 Chamberlin Showcase Tonight
Where can one find the greatest local Bands, DJ's and Producers? I'm sure a vigorous online search would find most of them, but why not just see them all live under one roof? This roof exists and it is underground at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge and the occasion is the 2012 Chamberlin Showcas…
2011 Chamberlin Showcase Band Finalists [PHOTOS]
I've never seen one venue filled with so much talent. As each band took the stage, the competition watched in anticipation. I feel sorry for anyone that did not make it out to the event. I'm one that very much likes variety so I was in heaven seeing 10 bands each play their best songs and …