If you missed the Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast you missed many a wise cracks at the spiraling out of control tornado known as Charlie Sheen. While each joke aimed at cutting hard to the core of the spotlight loving, ex-'Two and Half Men' star, the one joke that is making all the buzz was told by Amy Schumer and directed towards Steve-O about his recently deceased best friend, Ryan Dunn.

If you haven't seen the joke watch it here.

What is your opinion? Are some jokes off limits? What if it's directed towards someone grieving the loss of a best friend and also happens to be a recovering drug and alcohol addict with a suicidal past? I completely agree comedy is an art form, but to be so tactless and willy-nilly with such material is extremely unprofessional, self serving, and just down right mean. No one knew who Amy was but I'm sure she now has thousands of new friends AND enemies after the broadcast. When all is said and done, I did laugh at the joke, but the look on Steve-O's face immediately brought me back to the world where human compassion is just as important as a good laugh.

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