At this point, it’s expected that the Rolling Stones will reunite onstage to celebrate their 50th anniversary, but how long they’ll tour remains a sticking point.


You can count drummer Charlie Watts as coming down on the side of a shorter run. The musician told Classic Rock magazine (via NME), “The tours are two years long, so I’m living with Ronnie Wood for all that time. I don’t need to see him for another two years.”

Watts says that at their advanced age, it would be difficult to replicate the schedule they had in their prime, explaining, “In the mid-’60s, the tours would be a trip around England, then a trip around America, then recording in America, back to Europe, England, to America. You were living together the whole time. You’d get a month off at the most.”

He laughs, “You were younger though, and also you were more photogenic, to be honest. I don’t think Keith [Richards] would want you photographing him at two in the morning now.”

While official tour plans have not been revealed, Mick Jagger stated earlier this month that he felt they would return to the stage sometime this autumn.

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