Over the past week, gas prices in Montana have seen their biggest drop so far this year. Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan has the numbers.

"It's been another big decrease across the country. Montana prices falling about 13 cents a gallon all the way to a state-wide average of $2.68 a gallon," said gasbuddy.com Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Prices have continued to drop over the last several weeks. Billings prices are at $2.29, Missoulla prices are a bit higher at $2.52, but prices will continue to keep going down over the next week."

DeHaan says Montana is playing “catch-up” with the rest of the country and says it is possible that the state sees $2 a gallon gas in the course of the next month or so.

The last time Montana saw prices below $2 a gallon was for a brief period in early 2008.


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