One of our favorite niche smartphone apps is RunPee, which tells you the best time during a particular movie to excuse yourself to do something about that gallon-sized Diet Coke you drank when you first sat down. But what if the theater bathroom has a long line or looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the Eisenhower administration? What if you’re running errands and there’s nary a Starbucks loo in sight?

That’s where CLOO comes in.

The concept app — no, it isn’t real yet and may never be — allows users to add their home bathrooms to a database, making them available to nearby folks in need of a place to relieve themselves.

Those people can see all the available loos nearby and even choose one owned by a friend or friend-of-a-friend. They simply that host a request and, if accepted, pay a small fee for the privilege of using their facilities.

CLOO also claims it would keep hosts’ bathrooms stocked with toilet paper and other essentials as a thank you.

Is this app a cool concept or just plain bizarre? Take a look at the demo video and decide for yourself.

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