With over 27,000 votes, Joel and Candace Partain are the official winners of $2,500 worth of paint from The Paint Factory.


When asked how he won the contest, Joel Partain admits that there weren't any secrets—only a lot of hard work from his kind circle of friends.

Our "secret" was the fact that we have a large family, an even larger extended family, a great church family, and an even greater extended church family! I posted this contest on my Facebook feed and my family took over from there. I went to bed the first night thinking we were going to lose since the first and second place houses had nearly 2,000 votes (and climbing) while we had three. I couldn't believe it and wondered how that could possibly happen. So I Facebooked my friends and family, went to bed, and woke up in third place, gaining fast, and a flurry of Facebook activity from my friends and family around the nation. Our four little girls started voting non-stop (they hi-jacked my computer for the week) and pushed us into 1st place and it kept going from there. This has been an overwhelming gift from our friends and family and I do not know how to thank all of them. Thank you for this opportunity; painting our house has been a challenge for the past few years and this incredible contest has seemed like a total blessing from God. Thank you!

Thanks for voting, Bozeman. We'll share photos of Joel's freshly painted house in a few weeks.

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