I will trust anything Montana made that looks this great.

Rugged Brother Apparel is the brainchild of a great Montana resident named Kal and as his mission statement on his website says, "Our mission is to create apparel that will make you feel strong and proud," and I have to agree. Even though he literally just created his website last week and is filling out orders, the sky is the limit for this apparel company.

rugged 2

I know Kal and his is one of the most genuine dudes I have ever met. He is kind and is just the type of person you would definitely want to have a beer with. So when my sister told me his website was up and running, I had to check it out. I had no idea what I was in store for and what his designs would look like. I instantly became a fan. I ordered two pieces. One of their Mountain Rugged Hoodies and one of the Buffalo Spirit Shirts as well.

rugged 3

He has a couple other designs that I will definitely get for some friends who will absolutely fall in love with them as well. Not only does he have shirts, but he also has hats, mugs, beer steins and even some Rugged Sister Apparel as well.

Listen, if you are in the market for some new clothing that will not only look great but has a great message behind it go check out Rugged Brother Apparel. Let's help support this brand new Montana company not only because we can trust it but because it's clothes you will love.

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