A couple months ago I wrote a post titled, 'Best Unoccupied Properties In Bozeman'. One of the properties I listed was the old 18 Miles to the Border, located downtown at 131 W Main St. I pretty much begged anyone out there to buy the space and turn it into another restaurant so that I could once again be served drinks on the patio. Most likely, the owners of the new Cornerstone Grill did not hear my call...but thank you anyway!

18 Miles to the Border used to be one of my favorite downtown summer chill spots, namely because of that big outdoor patio located right in front of the restaurant (and right on the corner of W Main and N Grand). I just spoke with one of the new owners of The Cornerstone Grill, who said she is hoping to be up and running at this location sometime next month.

She also delighted me with some news regarding my favorite downtown patio. They will be renovating it this fall. The Cornerstone is replacing the current wooden overhead enclosure with a wrought iron enclosure/roof so that heaters can be added. A partial roof with heaters will allow them to open the patio during the fall and spring. Ask and you shall receive twofold I guess.

Hard work is currently being done to hopefully have The Cornerstone Grill operational at 131 W Main by the end of July. The Cornerstone will offer "amazing BBQ, unlike anything else in Bozeman".

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