With up to 7 million Robinhood app users affected by this latest data breach, it's important to note that Montanans may be vulnerable in a variety of ways and degrees of severity.

The good news so far: Robinhood is reporting that no users have been affected in a direct financial way...meaning they currently have no reports of account balances being compromised. Your money in your Robinhood account should be safe...for now.

The actual data breach of Robinhood customers happened on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021. Hackers gained access to info by tricking a Robinhood employee in customer support.

If you were one of the millions of affected customers, you should have received an email with best practices from Robinhood.

What data was compromised? It depends. Affected Robinhood users had different amounts of personal information breached. Today (Monday Nov. 8th), Robinhood reported:

  • approximately 5 million users had their email addresses exposed
  • another group of approximately 2 million users had their email addresses AND full names exposed
  • a much smaller group of over 300 users had their full names, email addresses, birth dates, zip codes, etc. exposed.
  • lastly, a small group of approximately 10 Robinhood users had "more extensive account details revealed"

As of now, Robinhood is reporting that an extremely small group of users (about 10) had more detailed account information compromised. Exact details of what data was breached in this small group has not yet been released.

Even though Robinhood launched in 2015, millions of people have downloaded the app in just the last couple of years. As of November 2021, approximately 22 million people have downloaded the Robinhood app.

What do I do if I think my data was breached? Robinhood has only issued a vague message on their website: "If you are a customer looking for information on how to keep your account secure, please visit Help Center > My Account & Login > Account Security. When in doubt, log in to view messages from Robinhood—we’ll never include a link to access your account in a security alert."

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