The Kiss Army has just added some new Minions to its ranks. Two stars of the hit 'Despicable Me' movies can be seen singing the band's classic 'Rock and Roll All Nite' in an impressive and entertaining new fan-made video short.

The duo, decked out in full makeup as Gene Simmons' Demon and Paul Stanley's Starchild, hit the stage with tongues wagging while cranking out a rather Chipmunk-ized version of the band's most famous anthem. Of course, and as fully expected if you've seen them on the big screen, things very quickly start to go wrong for our little yellow friends.

This clip was animated by Norman Lemes for a Minion-themed CG MeetUp challenge. A quick internet search tells us GC MeetUp is a place where people who are waaaaay better with computer animation than we could ever be get together to "exchange ideas, knowledge & job opportunities."

This Kiss-inspired clip was one of 165 entries for this contest. Another submission depicted a Minion as a Beatle, but our favorite image is probably the one paying tribute to everybody's most beloved top hat-wearing guitarist, Slash.

Slash Minion
Facebook / CG MeetUp

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