I was hearing some discussion about a U of M professor who had been behaving badly and was told there was an Instagram account calling for the termination of Associate Professor Rob Smith, so I looked into it. Here's what I found.

Rob Smith has been a Computer Science instructor at the U of M for the last 7 years and is the author of a blog where he shares sexist and discriminatory dialogue about his students. According to the U of M Kaimin and the Instagram account @firerobsmith, the content of Mr. Smith's blog includes homophobic and misogynistic opinions, posts sharing that he feels his female students should be "at home and pregnant," and statements that he is sexually attracted to 16-year-old females. 

The blog in question can be found here, with the most recent post, dated September 29th, attempting to defend his past posts by starting with bible scripture and explaining that "We live in a world of increasingly uneven tolerance." Upon the discovery of his disturbing blog, students, Mr. Smith's coworkers, and members of the community are calling for his termination.

Visit this website to understand the issue of such a revolting and predatory blog being penned by a person of influence, to file a Title IX complaint, and to boycott Mr. Smith's classes.  This is also the official website that asked the U of M president and provost to launch an investigation of Rob Smith's disturbing behavior, which they have. You can see an official statement from President Seth Bodnar below.

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