The NFL has seen the teaser for Esquire Network's controversial new youth football reality show, "Friday Night Tykes", and a rep says it's quote, "definitely troubling to watch". It shows coaches screaming at their 8 and 9-year-old players, coaches encouraging violence, and multiple helmet-to-helmet hits. Is there anyone outside of Texas who would condone this?

The show profiles an elite, independent youth football league in Texas. The coaches are extremely tough on these 8 and 9-year-old kids. I started playing football at this age and didn't experience such coaching until the high school level (and my head coach still haunts me in nightmares...true story). I can't imagine the impact this is having on such young kids. The show premieres next Tuesday night on the Esquire Network.

Are you ok with kids this young being coached like this? Would anyone allow their kids to play for someone like this?