Drive-By Truckers have debuted a video for "Surrender Under Protest," the latest single from their new American Band LP — and like the song and album from which it comes, the clip has a sociopolitical statement to make.

The video was helmed by Lance Bangs, a director whose credits include a number of live and promo clips for a long list of artists that includes Sting and the Black Keys — work that appealed to Truckers singer/guitarist Patterson Hood. As Hood said in a statement published with the video's Pitchfork premiere, "Lance Bangs filmed our new video for 'Surrender Under Protest' at the foot of Mississippi Avenue under the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. I've long been a fan of Lance's work and instinctively knew he would know exactly the perfect visual element for this song. We were filmed during the first rain of the season. Enjoy!"

Bangs' vision blends performance footage of the band with film from Black Lives Matter protests, further underscoring the group's commitment to a movement they've outspokenly supported during the promotional campaign for American Band. "I'm a white, middle-aged college dropout from Alabama. But we feel very strongly about these things," Hood told USA Today. "There are conversations at this moment in time that I don’t have to have with my children that our bass player, who has a black daughter, will have to have with her. As long as that exists, there is a need to say things like 'Black Lives Matter.'"

Interestingly, Pitchfork's premiere comes after the site was called out by Hood for allegedly refusing to review American Band. "They absolutely passed on reviewing this record, which is odd," he told Paste. "It’s been one of the best-reviewed records of our career... but they passed."

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