Six major mediums of creative expression have been positioned in the same competition by Eco Arts Awards. This year's competition will bolster these categories; songwriting, literature, photography, fine art, functional art and short video. The tie that binds these six mediums will be the strength of participant's edgy, re-invention of the meaning of ecology. What better way to catalyze more interest on this important topic, than to tap into one of our greatest resources, the creative mind?

The prestigious jury panel includes Alan Combs (A three time recommended Nobel Peace Prize author), David Vaux (Author and Publisher), Ken Hanke and Justin Souther (Mountain Xpress and Rotten Tomato movie critics), Maria Epes (Creative director and graduate of fine arts from Cornell University), Marsha Cohen (Former art director for McGraw Hill), John Dahlson (Award winning Australian environmental artist), and Charles Bazzell (Acclaimed functional artist). Eco Arts  Awards is currently accepting A&R scouts from major record labels to judge finalists for the songwriting category. They'll have ten finalists for each of the creative categories posted on their website early in the new year for a  People's Choice vote.

There will be a first place $1,000 cash prize winner for each of the categories. They're even thinking of creating an overall grand prize winner from the first place winners of each category! This competition will be very interesting, a piece of jewelry could be up against a painting or a song may compete with a short video! They're looking for original thematic inspiration, and will go to great lengths to judge all entries from that perspective, as well as the techniques and skills involved in the particular chosen art form.

There is an early bird entry deadline of September 30, 2011, with the final entry deadline being November 30, 2011. Entries can be accepted either online at or by downloading an entry form from the same site and mailing your artistic piece. The mailing address is also located on the website and on the entry form.