If you are planning to go to Yellowstone National Park soon you might want to keep your distance for your own safety.

Yellowstone National Park released a statement to everyone who might be visiting the park soon to be vigilant and maybe keep your distance from elk for the time being. The reason being that during this time of the year is elk calving season and they can get a little aggressive during this period.

Cow elk will be very territorial and have charged and even kicked folks who get too close. So the park recommends to stay alert and checking around corners when coming out of buildings and vehicles because many cow elks tend to bed their calves near buildings and cars. So be very careful.

Asa Rodger via Upsplash
Asa Rodger via Upsplash

Also, if you didn't remember you need to keep a distance of at least 25 yards away from elk and other wildlife while in Yellowstone National Park. The park is not a petting zoo. If an elk does charge you try to get to shelter either in your vehicle or a building.

My favorite part of the whole press release is that Yellowstone National Park says,

"You are responsible for your own safety."

That is absolutely beautiful because many tourists forget that wildlife is called by that for a reason. Elk can be very territorial and can do a lot of damage with their antlers so keep your distance for the time being.

So stay safe if you are heading to Yellowstone National Park anytime soon and for more details, check out out the press release.

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