Bacon is important to my weekend happiness. Ennis, MT is also one of my favorite places on earth. I just learned about Madison Smokehouse today and it's pork awesomeness.

Nobody paid me to write this. I just like writing about Montana made products that I love and this time the topic happens to be smoked meat. Hey, it's Montana...not that weird.

MY OPINION: This bacon (that we purchased in a grocery store in Bozeman) is fantastic.Super flavorful. A little sweet. Not too salty. Thick but not too thick. It's damn near perfect.

Anyway, who is Madison Smokehouse? I had never heard of them until this weekend so everything written here is brand new to me too. Turns out it's right inside a Madison Foods grocery store in Ennis. (This makes me feel fairly air-headed, as I've been in Madison Foods dozens of times...but I guess I was never meat shopping.)

  • Details about Madison Smokehouse products;
  • WHERE: inside Madison Foods (4939 US HWY 287 North, Ennis, MT) - On the left hand side of the road if you're heading north out of Ennis.
  • 100% of their products are made locally
  • They specialize in beef, bison and pork products
  • Their own original recipes, brines and rubs
  • 12 varieties of brats
  • jerky, snack sticks, bacon
  • salami, ribs, brisket
  • Snack sticks: original, teriyaki beef or buffalo, red pepper cheddar, Willie's Bighorn Bourbon Red Pepper Cheddar, pepperoni
  • Pulled pork, pork loin, pork chops
  • Gift baskets are available too
  • WHO: Jacob Haslebacher (Sales Manager), Mike Worley (Smokehouse Manager), Spencer Putman (Smokehouse Specialist)
  • PHONE: (406) 682-4306
Madison Smokehouse Bacon label


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