There are some places in Montana that are off-limits to most Montanans. The last thing you want to deal with is getting fined for trespassing on private property. There's one road in Montana that you definitely want to avoid. If you try to drive down it, you'll be told to stop and turn around immediately.

Road Closed Sign
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The road that I'm talking about is Jack Creek Rd. between Ennis and Big Sky. It's the only alternative to accessing Big Sky aside from Highway 191. However, access on Jack Creek Rd. is limited to homeowners in Moonlight Basin and Big Sky. Jack Creek Rd. is a private road owned by Moonlight Basin.

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Why is This Road Off-Limits in Montana?

A person on the Gallatin County Road Conditions page on Facebook recently asked;

Does anyone know about getting to Big sky from around Ennis?

The only way to get into Big Sky from Ennis is Jack Creek, and if you want access, you need to have a special pass. There's a checkpoint along the road, and there is always security on duty. Personally, I've never attempted to drive down Jack Creek Rd., but I've heard a lot of stories from friends. If you're a contractor or construction worker, you may be granted access, but it's rare. Employees of Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Basin, Spanish Peaks, and the Yellowstone Club can also request access.

Jack Creek Rd. Between Ennis and Big Sky
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Winter weather can result in hazardous travel conditions on Highway 191, and traffic often gets backed up due to accidents. According to, they reserve the right to refuse access to the road to anyone at their discretion. For more information about Jack Creek Rd., click here.

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