With the busy summer season upon us, the events start piling up and we get BUSY here at The MOOSE. We're going to have to bulk up our part-time staff to handle all the stuff we do. Could that new person be you?

Being a DJ only required a few things. Having a good attitude and wanting to be active in the community are the two most important traits. Loving music is of course a plus but it's more than that.

Being on the air is only one part of what we do here. We throw events like the Butterfly Ball, the HUSH HUSH festival, the Spruce Moose Festival and have a presence at dozens more. We're at Music on Main every Thursday night during the summer, have live broadcasts around the valley on the weekends and get involved in tons of non-profit projects.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to "get into the biz"....you should let us know. Tell us a little about yourself and why working at The MOOSE would be a good fit for you. Send an email here.