...is indeed new again. Perhaps it's the time of year where I tend to spend time going through old things and "organizing" my life's treasures. We've all got those boxes of stuff that you keep, not necessarily on display but they're great pieces of your life. I've been going through all that stuff and I love it.

I try not to be a hoarder but sometimes it's hard when you don't have room, a purpose or a real reason to keep your "stuff". Some things are obvious keepers, like the sketch Charles Shultz did for me years and years ago.

My dad was doing a story on him (a very pleasant man, by the way), and he offered up this sketch of Linus since my father had indicated that my security blanket and I did not part ways EVER. For anything or anyone. He or she who dared try would suffer dire consequences.

The other stuff I find every few years of going through these boxes aren't anything more than benchmarks of my life. They remind us of what was important to us at age 5, or 12, or 21 or 45....whatever. I love thinking of old times and old friends.

Find some time in the coming weeks before the craziness of Christmas to go through YOUR "treasures". Not only can it be incredibly fun for you, but who knows....the sketch of you sucking YOUR thumb might be the funniest dinner table conversation your family has in quite a while! - Michelle