Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist and Mars Volta collaborator John Frusciante is gearing up to release some new solo music. Frusciante, under the moniker Trickfinger, will be releasing a self-titled electronic music LP on April 7.

‘Trickfinger’ will be released via Acid Test records. In a letter posted on their website, Frusciante says creating acid house music has been a dream of his for the past five years. He also talks about his gradual transition into the genre: “In 2007 I started to learn how to program all the instruments we associate with Acid House music and some other hardware. For about seven months I didn’t record anything. Then I started recording, playing 10 or so synced machines through a small mixer into a CD burner. This was all experimental Acid House, my skills at making rock music playing no part in it whatsoever.”

Besides RHCP and Mars Volta, Frusciante's resume includes being part of the super group Kimono Kult, and releasing various solo EPs and full length albums. However, he went on to write that his previous work as a "traditional" musician was not enough. “I had lost interest in traditional songwriting and I was excited about finding new methods for creating music," says Frusciante. "I’d surround myself with machines, program one and then another and enjoy what was a fascinating process from beginning to end. I was so excited by the method of using numbers much in the same way I’d used my muscles all my life. Skills that had previously been applied by my subconscious were gradually becoming conscious, by virtue of having numerical theoretical means of thinking about rhythm, melody and sound.”

According to Resident Advisor, the instrumental 2LP/CD/Digital album will open with a track called ‘After Below.' You can stream it below. Meanwhile, check out the full tracklist for 'Trickfinger' below the player.

Trickfinger, 'After Below'

'Trickfinger' EP Tracklist

1. 'After Below'
2. 'Before Above'
3. 'Rainover'
4. 'Sain'
5. 'Exlam'
6. '85h'
7. '4:30'
8. 'Phurip'