I hate to end 2020 with a story that is a not so uplifting article. This could wait if it didn't impact so many families and kill so many dogs.

There is a pet food recall that is causing the death of almost 30 dogs and several more getting sick. Throw this dog food out and report it you see it on a shelf.

The Food and Drug Administration reported that three of Sportmix products for dogs including cats are being recalled. I haven't read anything regarding cats coming down sick or dying as of now (I wouldn't take any chances though.)

The FDA writes that "very high levels" of aflatoxin can be fatal for your furry friends. They say a mold can grow on corn and other grains that are used in pet food. Considering 28 dogs have already died this must be a very serious situation. I've written about recalls before and it's usually precaution based upon testing. I've yet to see this many fatalities in a recall.

Midwestern Pet Foods will recall nine lots of Sportmix products with continued testing on other potential threats. I'll post some examples of where to find out if you own the recalled products below.

The codes will begin with EXP.

Courtesy: FDA

Sportmix Energy Plus

  • 50 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/02/22/05/L2
    • Exp 03/02/22/05/L3
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L2
  • 44 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/02/22/05/L3

Sportmix Premium High Energy

  • 50 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L3
  • 44 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

Sportmix Original Cat

  • 31 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L3
  • 15 lb. bag
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L2
    • Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

Signs: sluggishness, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. The FDA mentioned no issues with pet owners being impacted by physically touching the pet food.



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