My 13-month old is under the weather at the moment and it's kind of tearing at the old heart strings. It's just a tough age to see your little love not feeling well. She can't communicate how she's feeling, aside from moans and cries. What's a parent to do? Right now it seems like all I can do is administer ibuprofen and laughs. Any other suggestions would be helpful!

We did bring her to the doctor to ensure she's got a viral thing going on (as opposed to an infection). Fortunately, that's all it is. The fever is subsiding now but she still has a cough that's messing with her sleep (which is absolutely key for a happy baby). I know this is something that will pass in a matter of days, but I just wanted to reach out to all the other parents out there who feel hopeless in times like these. The only thing you can do is spread love and laughter right? I know there's no easy, quick fix...but I really wish there was. Couldn't avoid a Dear Abby today.


Hopelessly Hopeless in Bozeman

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