The Gallatin County Fairgrounds is working with local Emergency Services and the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office  to provide a safe place for animals that may need a temporary home due to evacuations caused by wild fires.  The plans and facilities are ready and in place to house all species of animals at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds should the need arise.


In the event of an evacuation due to oncoming wild fires, are you prepared to evacuate your pets and livestock? Have a transport carrier ready for each of your pets, along with food, potable water & dishes, toys, collar, leash, litter/pan, easily transportable toys/bed. Place a current photo of your pet, along with medications, medical records, feeding schedules & name of your veterinarian in a waterproof bag or container. Make sure your pet has some form of identification such as a collar with a tag, a microchip, or both.

When evacuating livestock to a neighboring ranch, pasture, or County Fairgrounds, the animals also need proper identification tags of some form.  They will also need food/water containers (water troughs, hay nets, grain buckets), and a supply of food. A current photo of the animal, any medical needs as well as copies of Coggins tests or health certificates & name/number of the animal’s veterinarian should be given to the new caretaker of the animal whether it is a friend, neighbor or Fairgrounds personnel.

Should evacuations take place, the Gallatin County Fairgrounds staff will need help caring for the animals.  If you are interested in assisting and volunteering your time to help care for these animals please call or stop by the Fairgrounds Office, 901 North Black, Bozeman, (406) 582-3270 or 580-9580.

If you need assistance with transporting animals, please call either the Fairgrounds or the Sheriff’s Office at 582-2100.


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