The Holidays can be an expensive time for most Montanans, but folks are saving some money at the gas pumps right now. Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says prices are dropping every week.

“Gas prices have continued to tumble taking a drop of about eight cents a gallon in Montana in the last week alone,” DeHaan said. “Prices statewide are now averaging $2.59 a gallon. That matches exactly what we were paying a year ago. There are certainly lower prices available around the state. Looking at Missoula, the average price is $2.62 a gallon.”

According to DeHaan, prices at the pumps won’t stay this way for long. He expects prices to drop even more in the coming weeks.

“For now, the good news is that gas prices will likely keep dropping,” DeHaan said. “The price of oil is down another 2.5 dollars a barrel today to $47 a barrel. That is the lowest price in over a year. That should keep the door open for plunging prices.”

One of the cheapest places to fill up in Missoula is Costco. DeHaan mentioned that they are charging $2.45 a gallon right now.

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