A Good Samaritan in his kayak rescued a dog from an icy pond in Lolo on Friday afternoon.

Missoula Rural Fire Captain Forest Brown said the 911 call came in just before 2 p.m. on Friday that a dog had fallen through the ice in the Lolo pond and that a neighbor in a kayak had rowed out in an attempt to rescue the animal.

"Obviously, there was concern for both the dog and the man, considering the ice and the cold weather," Brown said. "When the first engine arrived, the gentleman had successfully gotten the dog into his kayak. The challenge at that time was that he was still in the water with ice surrounding him."

Brown described how river rescue personnel provided assistance.

"We were able to get a life jacket and a rope out to him, and when we had everything ready, we were able to pull the gentleman in his kayak with the dog back to the dock," he said. "So, they both made it back to land safely."

Brown used the incident to remind people about the dangers of cold water rescue.

"I would like to caution folks that rescuing animals in the water is dangerous and that people be careful," Brown said. "Moving water and ice is a bad combination, so make sure that you're thinking and prepared and have other folks with you before you make the attempt."

Brown said without a doubt, the dog would not have survived without help from the Good Samaritan.